Pradeep Agro Tec Pvt Ltd

Castor Oil

We are one of the largest castor oil suppliers from India. We also offer wholesale Castor Oil, which is available for our precious customers at various profitable deals. The castor seed oil being delivered to our customers is of good quality with 0% adulteration. Natural castor oil is very good for stimulating the growth of hairs. The Castor Oil can also be used as a supplement to fuel, which is entirely eco-friendly. The Castor Oil is also used as a drug for better digestion of food. This is of pure quality and is available at pocket friendly prices.

Our supplied castor manure and oil find uses as :-
  • Used up to 15 5 in soap
  • Illumination without smoke
  • Lubricants & candle manufacturing

As Hair Oil it act as hair growth stimulant , for applicants to livestock against sores. Oil and latex are used as purgatives .

Curcas oil resembles castor oil but differs form castor oil in that it has a low viscosity & is not lustrous. On drying it loses wt by 20-35 %

As Fuel
As potential substitute for diesel / petrol as Ă¢€˜Bio- dieselĂ¢€™ . It is used as Bio- fuel in most developed countries & also tried experimentally in India . Compared well with diesel fuel in terms of its fuel rating per kg (mg/kg) and can be tried as fuel for cars , railway engines & farm