Pradeep Agro Tec Pvt Ltd

Neem Fruit

We are one of the most prominent exporters of fresh Neem Fruit from India. The raw neem fruit is green in color and gradually turns to yellow as it gets seasoned. There are many dry neem fruit manufacturers existing but we are the most demanded one in the market. The neem fruit is supplied as raw fruit, extract of fruit, fruit powder and neem fruit juice. For all these products the neem fruit has to undergo different processes like cleaning, de-pulping, decortications, grinding and solvent extraction. The neem fruit are supplied to many of the sectors like agricultural sector, pharmaceutical sector, cosmetics sector, etc. These are available at very reasonable prices.

Types of Neem Fruits we supply are
  • Dry (upto10 % moisture)
  • Semi-Dry (11-20% moisture)
  • Fresh (about 50% moisture) Wet and damaged

Note : For collection and storage purpose, neem fruits can be divided into four categories.

Used in Industries like
  • Pharmaceutical Industry : Neem fruit, pulp and extracts are used to manufacture medicines and drugs curing diseases like diabetes, leprosy, skin disorders, constipation etc.
  • Cosmetic Industry : Powdered form or extracts of fruits are used to manufacture herbal shampoos, soaps, creams and ointments.
  • Agriculture Industry : Compounds present in neem fruits possess pest and insect repellent properties, therefore it is used on a large scale to manufacture bio and natural insecticides and pesticides.
  • Veterinary Use : Seeds are said to be used for wildlife food. It is relatively non toxic to animals.